Magnet Emerald

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Amazing neodymium magnet Emerald featured by decorative crystal with the same shape and color of an emerald. The base is decorated with natural gold. Inside there is neodymium magnet made of rare earth components. Do not waste your time, be exclusive using our decorative gift magnets!


Exclusive crystal neodymium magnet

Main specifications

Gift diameter (over metal cylinder) 14 mm
Gift height ( base to gem top) 12 mm
Gem diameter 11 mm
Gift weight 15 g
Gem type Gem Maxima by Preciosa
Gem color Green bohemian crystal for decorative neodymium magnet Green
Metal Gold - plated brass
Magnet type Neodymium
Package Designer case with velvet base and transparent lid


About gift magnet

What makes the gems so attractive? Of course their brilliance, beauty and exclusivity. That is why our magnets are like crystal jewelry and contain natural gold. Decorative magnet Emerald is the perfect gift for someone who appreciates exclusivity. Emerald green crystal sparkles with glitter at the sunlight and the gold highlights its beauty.

Put this decorative magnet to any kitchen surface and you will see the effect of this little gift. Your friends will not be indifferent. You can decorate pots of your house plants with a green magnet and you will see how well green leaves and emerald crystal gem go together. Make your life brighter and more positive with our decorative magnets! Buy modern magnet Emerald and become the owner of a nice addition to the design of your home!


About Gem

Magnet is encrusted by Preciosa Gems the MAXIMA collection. Gems of famous Czech company Preciosa are heavenly fair. Due to first-class raw materials and patented technology Hi-PureCrystal™ Czech masters achieved eco-friendly lead-free gems with light reflection index 1.585. Compared with usual gems MAXIMA gems have:

  •     Better color distribution
  •     More frequent sparkle with unique "fire" effect
  •     Significantly more brightness
  •     Absence of dark areas

The gem is covered by innovative Dura-Foiling™ layer which does not reduce the reflection effect but at the same time improves wearing property and resistance to chemicals.


Color effect on human health

Green color calms, rejuvenates and refreshes the person. It has beneficial effect on human vision. People suffering chronic diseases will feel better under the influence of green color. This color improves the functioning of muscles and tendons, strengthens bones. It acts as an antiseptic and fights harmful bacteria. It stimulates the pituitary gland and blood system. If you want to reduce the headache, surround yourself with items of green color like our decorative magnet with a green crystal. Green color stimulates the entire organism and increases its productivity. It is recommended to people after surgery. You can feel the healing power of bright green colors of our magnets - Olivine, Emerald and Peridot.


Color effect on human nature

Green is a color of spring, birth of new life and a hope. People who like green are very responsible and hard-working. You are very preferential as to the ion of a friend so to a simple purchase of household appliances. "Green People" do not like the pressure and influence outside. You quickly understand and accept new ideas. You like to have all the best and constantly improve yourself to get new tops. Your stubbornness and perseverance serve you in a lot of different business issues. You always aim to win and if you have already made a decision you will not give up. You slightly idealize yourself and the people who you are close to. At the same time you continue to improve all around. Your dream is to live in a perfect world without flaws.


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