Magnet Light Siam

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Neodymium  magnet Light Siam is represented in ECM line of magnets with a red crystal made  according to the ecologically secure technologies without any harmful substances. The base is covered with gold sputtering. This gift magnet can be easily used instead of a postcard or a small souvenir for each holiday.


Exclusive crystal neodymium magnet

Main specifications

Gift diameter (over metal cylinder) 14 mm
Gift height ( base to gem top) 12 mm
Gem diameter 11 mm
Gift weight 15 g
Gem type Gem Maxima by Preciosa
Gem color Red bohemian crystal for decorative neodymium magnet  Red
Metal Gold - plated brass
Magnet type Neodymium
Package Designer case with velvet base and transparent lid


About gift magnet

Decorative magnet Light Siam is a royal gift. The crystal aggregates the colors of sunset and bloomed rose and the gold covering the magnet base perfectly completes the design. The base is equipped with neodymium magnet rare-earth components. Light Siam is a unique collection item. It serves as a souvenir adornment, board game or decoration element or even as a presentation attribute.  ing your material on the magnet board you will be able to mark out quite the thing you want to take note of, highlight the key points and attract everybody’s attention.

The beautiful gift magnet Light Siam will be a nice surprise for your dearest girlfriend, wife, sister, and mother. It can be attached to the interior elements of the room or woman’s accessories. For example, you can decorate your bag or a scarf with it. The colors of the magnet tell their own tale. Red and golden are sovereign colors. The royal families used to adorn their palaces with those colors. Feel yourself as a king - decorate your home with our souvenir magnets! Don’t doubt as this is the best decision for such a purpose. You will be surprised by the striking effect of those small crystal ornaments!


About Gem

Magnet is encrusted by Preciosa Gems the MAXIMA collection. Gems of famous Czech company Preciosa are heavenly fair. Due to first-class raw materials and patented technology Hi-PureCrystal™ Czech masters achieved eco-friendly lead-free gems with light reflection index 1.585. Compared with usual gems MAXIMA gems have:

  •     Better color distribution
  •     More frequent sparkle with unique "fire" effect
  •     Significantly more brightness
  •     Absence of dark areas

The gem is covered by innovative Dura-Foiling™ layer which does not reduce the reflection effect but at the same time improves wearing property and resistance to chemicals.


Color effect on human health

Red reinforces the immune system, stimulates the blood circulation, makes our red blood cells more active and increases hemoglobin. Due to it our immunity increases and doesn’t let viruses attack us! There is even the speculation that the influence of red color is so strong that it increases the muscle strength and stimulates the sexual activity. It obviously contributes to the appetite improvement and blood pressure normalization. Magnets with a red crystals invigorate and overfill us with the energy, make better the skin color and our general condition. In the red color’s line we have Light Siam and Hyacinth with their tinges and in the pink color’s line there are Light Peach, Fuchsia and Light Rose.


Color effect on human nature

Red is the color of passion, sexuality and self-confidence. Is red your favorite color? That means you can find in yourself vigorous activity and the wish to win. You worry about everything with triple feelings. Nothing can compare with your courage and will power. You are hot-tempered and that’s true but it is even an advantage of your acter as it helps to pursuit your interests!  Your life is in full swing and you can’t sit still. Your goal is success and you move towards it with resolute and steady steps. You might want to have this beautiful crystal magnet and nothing can already stop you to buy it as the red color really attracts you.


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