Magnet Montana

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Crystal neodymium magnet Montana is able to decorate any surface in your house. The crystal is made of environmentally friendly materials. The magnet does not contain any harmful substances and has saturated dark–blue color. The base is a powerful gold-plated neodymium magnet.


Exclusive crystal neodymium magnet

Main specifications

Gift diameter (over metal cylinder) 14 mm
Gift height ( base to gem top) 12 mm
Gem diameter 11 mm
Gift weight 15 g
Gem type Gem Maxima by Preciosa
Gem color Dark-blue bohemian crystal for decorative neodymium magnet Dark - blue
Metal Gold - plated brass
Magnet type Neodymium
Package Designer case with velvet base and transparent lid


About gift magnet

Pretty fridge magnet is part of the interior design which emphasizes the individuality of your home. Montana magnet will help to decorate any home appliances. You can fix a magnet on the dishwasher, decorate dishes or glasses in the kitchen. Also you can put a note on the fridge attaching it by our decorative magnet which will definitely catch your attention. You can leave a reminder at the foreground and the bright crystal will help not to forget about it.

Do not let the decor be dull, add little bright things which make it sparkle. Decorative magnet Montana holds a neodymium magnet that is why it can be easily used on any surface. The magnet can decorate it and at the same time it can be very useful keeping your notes at kitchen goods. It will become your true and reliable helper for every day!


About Gem

Magnet is encrusted by Preciosa Gems the MAXIMA collection. Gems of famous Czech company Preciosa are heavenly fair. Due to first-class raw materials and patented technology Hi-PureCrystal™ Czech masters achieved eco-friendly lead-free gems with light reflection index 1.585. Compared with usual gems MAXIMA gems have:

  •     Better color distribution
  •     More frequent sparkle with unique "fire" effect
  •     Significantly more brightness
  •     Absence of dark areas

The gem is covered by innovative Dura-Foiling™ layer which does not reduce the reflection effect but at the same time improves wearing property and resistance to chemicals.


Color effect on human health

Blue color has magical nature. You can check its calming features. All you need is to sit in a comfortable chair after a hard day and look non-stop at the blue item for example our magnet during ten minutes. You will notice your troubles disappearing. Blue color reduces blood pressure if it is not right. It stimulates the thyroid gland. It helps people with breathing difficulties so it is useful for rhinitis and asthma. It has the ability to relieve pain, stop bleeding and fasten recpovery. Also it effectively fights germs and bacteria. Blue color rejuvenates and greatly increases the body ability to fight disease and improves the immune system. If you decide to follow diet, then blue is the color that you need. It reduces appetite and increases the efficiency of the organism. Also it acts as a vasoconstrictor. And of course the blue color calms the nervous system and freshen you up. That’s why you are going to have steel nerves and a cheerful look. You can try its effect after buying our blue magnets - Montana, Sapphire, Aqua Bohemica и Blue Zircon.


Color effect on human nature

Blue emits calmness and serenity. This color combines the secret of the heavens and the depth of the sea. These associations make you think about the sublime. Sublimated people often choose precisely this color. You like to sleep and relax but some quiet not in a noisy crowd. You completely trust the people who are important for you. Therefore, if someone has betrayed you it is very hard for you and you do not trust such a person any more. "Blue People" are attentive to detail and people though they are always soft in manner. People who prefer blue like to live in a harmony. Friends know you as reliable person.


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