Magnet Topaz

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Very soon you will have a celebration and you do not have a gift yet? Are you puzzled by finding the perfect gift? It's so easy! Give our crystal neodymium magnet Topaz. It is decorated with unique pleasant yellow crystal. The product features natural gold sputtering that makes it very special. Inside  is a rare earth neodymium which is famous for its strength.


Exclusive crystal neodymium magnet

Main specifications

Gift diameter (over metal cylinder) 14 mm
Gift height ( base to gem top) 12 mm
Gem diameter 11 mm
Gift weight 15 g
Gem type Gem Maxima by Preciosa
Gem color Yellow bohemian crystal for decorative neodymium magnet Yellow
Metal Gold - plated brass
Magnet type Neodymium
Package Designer case with velvet base and transparent lid


About gift magnet

If you think that the design of your home lacks something special, our crystal magnet will highlight that you are looking for. Decorative magnet Topaz with a gold sputtering and bohemian crystal of amazing yellow color will decorate your life and give it personality. Fix the magnet on the curtain and now it will look more interesting and brighter. The rare earth metal neodymium features with great strength and can be easily fixed on the fabric. Also you can use our magnets as a reliable holder of notes on appliances or framed photos. You will see how the sun or an electric light plays on the edges of the magnet and causes it to sparkle!


About Gem

Magnet is encrusted by Preciosa Gems the MAXIMA collection. Gems of famous Czech company Preciosa are heavenly fair. Due to first-class raw materials and patented technology Hi-PureCrystal™ Czech masters achieved eco-friendly lead-free gems with light reflection index 1.585. Compared with usual gems MAXIMA gems have:

  •     Better color distribution
  •     More frequent sparkle with unique "fire" effect
  •     Significantly more brightness
  •     Absence of dark areas

The gem is covered by innovative Dura-Foiling™ layer which does not reduce the reflection effect but at the same time improves wearing property and resistance to chemicals.


Color effect on human health

The chromotherapy features the description of yellow and gold color effect on human. This color warms and reminds us of the sun and therefore of life. It is a joyful and healing color. The yellow color of our magnet stimulates mental processes. It makes involuntary nervous system operate properly. If you have a headache, it acts as an antispasmodic and the headache is vanishing without any pills. In addition yellow color is useful for those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract such as stomach ulcers and gastritis. Therefore it is necessary to have gold magnet Jonquil or yellow magnet Topaz in front of you.


Color effect on human nature

Yellow is the color of warming because it is similar to the sun light. It glares optimism, intelligence, calmness and ease in the relationship. People who choose this color are sociable, brave and curious. Such people can easily adapt to any society and situation, lead the conversation and have the attention of the company. After all they are with a rich imagination and original ideas and it's all thanks to the curious mind. People who choose yellow are wonderful friends you can rely on. Everything that is new attracts them so much that they cannot pass by. This wonderful decorative magnet Topaz of ECM brand is like a little sun shining in any room.


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